Q: Why should you choose Rocky’s?

A: Rocky’s was created to provide pet owners the same quality culinary experience for their pets as they experience. Rocky’s breaks through and signals to the world that complete inclusion can be accomplished. We are proud to be able to create that new paradigm. Rocky’s is redefining how we feed our furry family by serving organic/real food that paw-rents can recognize.

Q: How are recipes formulated?

A: All of our ingredients are human-grade and sourced from reputable food suppliers, local farms, and other human food purveyors that meet USDA standards. Our board-certified veterinary nutritionists carefully formulate each recipe to be 100% complete and balanced according to AAFCO standards, and we use all human-grade ingredients and processes to do so.

Q: Do I need to refrigerate food? 

A: Yes! Since our food is truly fresh and we don’t use any preservatives, it’s essential that you treat it like real food. Keep the food at a safe temperature in a refrigerator or freezer. Your box will also include an easy guide on how to store and feed the food properly (it’s very simple!).

Q: Should I cook the food?

A: Rocky’s is delivered ready-to-serve! You can serve it directly from the fridge or warm it in the microwave. Always test food for warmth! 

Q: How long does Rocky’s stay fresh?

A: Rocky’s is human-grade, fresh food, so all meals must be refrigerated or frozen. Your packages will arrive frozen and you can allow them to defrost in the fridge or defrost them in the microwave for around 10 - 20 seconds. 

Once a package is defrosted, it should be kept in the fridge and used within 5 days. You can keep up to a week's worth of food in the fridge at a time - the rest should be stored in the freezer for 3 months.



Your Paw-Scription

Q: Can I cancel or reactivate my account?

A: Yes, you can pause, cancel or reactivate your subscription anytime.

Q: How will I be billed for each meal?

A: You will be notified via email about each order prior to billing and shipment.

Q: When will my order arrive?

A: Once your order is placed, you will receive an email once your order is in transit with a tracking link. Please click on the tracking info to find your delivery date

Q: Where is my 5% discount?

A: Your 5% discount is applied to your initial (first) order. This is not recurring.



Shipping & Packaging 

Q: Does Rocky’s ship Nationwide?

A: We ship to 48 contiguous states

Q: How is Rocky’s packaged?

A: Rocky’s is packaged in refrigerated, environmentally friendly boxes and delivered right to your door. We put just the right amount of dry ice and insulation in the box so your pup’s food can stay fresh for up to 5 days in transit. Your packages should always arrive frozen, or cold to the touch! If not, reach out to us at Info@rockyscaninecuisine.com or call/text us at (980) 895-9761 and one of our Specialists will be sure to help make it right.